You can read the story or you can use this web site to solve the mystery yourself by asking quesions of the scientists and characters that appear in the book.

The Stardust Mystery

Read the STARDUST MYSTERY story to find out how Milo, Lizzy, Neddy, VC and Grandpa fugure the Mystery. What is STARDUST? How did it get into George Washington's body? How did it get from his body to yours? Tell us what you thought of the book by visiting the Feedback page.

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The Beamer

Use this web site to ask questions of the characters or the scientists in the book. Ask questions of Albert Einstein who told us that mass can be converted to enerty, Edwin Hubble who told us the universe was expanding and Georges Lemaitre who told us the universe started with a BIG BANG. You can submit new questions to ask the scientists by visiting the Feedback page

Submitt new questions that you would like to ask by visiting the Feedback page